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New Music

The New Music Discussion
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Discuss New Music...

Hey everyone,
I wanted to create a community where we could discuss the new music that is coming out. All types of music are welcome. It doesn't matter if everyone's heard of the band you are reviewing, it only applies to those who know of them.

I don't want anyone to diss anyone for music they listen to. Who gives a fuck, it's music. There's so many different kinds, and they all involve skill no matter what type they are. I've playing instruments since I was two, and I've tried making many different types of music. They all involve some skill. So, no bashing for music choices, just shut the fuck up and skip the entry.

Other than that, this community is free to anything. I don't give a fuck, I just want it to be a good place to hear about the new shit that it coming out.


p.s. ANYONE can join, but if you spam or are a plain out asshole, you will be removed.